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WDBR-IV Accuracy 0.2 Transformer Capacity and No-Load Tester

This instrument is a multi-function measuring instrument, which is equivalent to the usual two kinds of test instruments: the active transformer capacity tester and the transformer characteristic parameter tester. In the characteristic test, it can be tested by the traditional two-meter method or the standard three-wire four-wire tester. The phase system test can not only compare the parameters with the traditional test method, but also accurately measure the parameters. It can accurately measure a series of power frequency parameters such as capacity, type, no-load current, no-load loss, load loss, impedance voltage, etc. of various transformers. The accuracy of capacity and characteristic test results is 100%. The capacity measurement range: 10kVA~100000kVA.

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1. Interal power output range

    Voltage: 0~10V

    Current: 0~10A

2. Characteristic test power input range

    Voltage: 0~750V

    Current: 0~100A

3. Test accuracy

    Voltage, current: ±0.2%

    Power: ±0.5% (CosΦ>0.1), ±1.0% (0.02<CosΦ<0.1)

4. Working temperature


5. Charger power requirements

     Mains AC160V~265V

6. Insulation degree

     (1) The insulation resistance of the capacity test, voltage and current input points to the chassis is greater than or equal to 100MΩ

     (2) The charging power input to the chassis is subjected to a power frequency of 2KV (effective value), and the test time is 1 minute.

7. Volume


8. Weight





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