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WDZR-X Handheld Transformer DC···

The handheld DC resistance tester has the characteristics of small size, light weight and large output current. The whol···

WDRL-588 Dry Type Transformer ···

This analyzer integrates transformer material test, capacity test, characteristic test, direct resistance test and trans···

WDZR-10A transformer DC resist···

It is suitable for 10KV and 35KV level distribution transformers, transformers, motors, generators and other inductive l···

WZRS-40A Transformer Three-cha···

The instrument is a rapid tester integrating the functions of magnetic aid method, three-phase test (Yn, Y, △) and degau···

WDZR-20A DC resistance rapid t···

The output current of the instrument is large, the measurement range is wide, and the operation is simple; The instrumen···

WDZR- 40A DC Resistance Tester

1. Seven-inch high-brightness touch color LCD, clear display under strong light, full touch screen operation, free switc···

WDZR - 40A double channel resi···

It is specially designed for the temperature rise measurement of large transformers with three cores and five columns. T···

WDZR-44A Transformer DC Resist···

WDZSR-44A DC Resistance Tester can check the welding quality of the winding joint and whether the winding is short-circu···