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WD-A10 Cable fault tester

(1) Ranging host parametersuHigh integration, low power consumption, integrated design, high stability.uIt can test vari···

WD-213X Cable fault tester set

WD2133 product parameters1. Farthest test distance: 32km2. Detection blind area: 1m3. Read number resolution: 1m4. Power···

WD-A30 full intelligent multip···

◆It can test various faults of power cables with different voltage levels, different cross-sections, different media and···

WD-G350 Integrated high freque···

This product is mainly used for sampling impulse discharge of high-resistance fault waveform during fault testing of 35k···

WD-2137 Underground pipeline d···

Transmitter technical parameters:(1) Apply a specific frequency of positioning signal to the pipeline;(2) Output mode: i···

WD-2138 Underground Pipeline D···

WD-2138 is a high-performance underground metal pipeline detection system. It consists of a signal transmitter and a rec···

WD-2134 Cable Identifier (non-···

WD-2134 Cable Identifier is designed for power cable engineers and cable workers to solve technical problems of cable id···

WD-2135D Remote control high v···

Remote control high voltage cable safety pricking device to solve the cable live identification and manual pricking inco···