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WDJB-702 Relay protection com···

The three-phase version software of the relay protection tester is a new generation of test software. Its characteristic···

WDJB-702 Single-chip Relay pr···

1. With 4-phase voltage and 3-phase current output, it is convenient to carry out various combination outputs for variou···

WDJB-802 Three- phase microcom···

1. High-Performance Industrial Control Computer2. Digital Signal Processor Micro3. D/A Conversion and Low-Pass Filtering···

WDJB-1200 Six-phase Microcompu···

1. Flexible combination of voltage and current output2. Operation mode3. A new hi-fi linear power amplifier4. High perfo···

WDDL-601 Electricity (waveform···

The power (waveform) recording analyzer is a transient signal recording instrument developed for power system applicatio···

WD1010 circuit breaker simulat···

WD1010 circuit breaker analog device1. Split-phase or three-phase closing and tripping2. Automatically adapt to DC48V, 1···

WDJB-3000SM Digital-Analog Int···

​WDJB-3000SM digital-mode integrated relay protection tester with 12 roads of small signal output, 10 sets of switch inp···

WDMF-1000 Series Handheld Opti···

This instrument has standard four-phase voltage and three-phase current output. It can not only test traditional various···