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WDKR Battery Discharge Tester

The battery discharge tester is an instrument specially designed for the verification discharge experiment, capacity tes···

WDND Battery Conductivity Test···

The instrument can detect the voltage and internal resistance or conductance of the single battery online, store and pro···

WDKH-12X Battery Cell Activati···

The equipment is a special equipment for activating the valve-regulated lead-acid battery (hereinafter referred to as th···

WDCF-110 Battery Charge and Di···

Battery charge and discharge comprehensive monitor = battery pack constant current discharge + battery pack intelligent ···

WDCF-220 Battery Charge and Di···

The battery pack charge and discharge tester integrates battery constant current discharge, intelligent charging and act···

WDYM-3 three-phase electric en···

The instrument is a high-precision test instrument that integrates energy meter calibration, electrical parameter testin···

WDYM-1 single-phase handheld e···

WDYM-1 Single-phase electric energy meter field calibrator is a high-precision test instrument integrating electric para···

WDJD-B Portable DC Ground Faul···

WDJD-B not only solves the accurate detection of difficult faults such as indirect grounding, non-metal grounding, loop ···