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WD6000A Different Frequency Au···

WD6000A Different Frequency Automatic Dielectric is a high-precision instrument, which can be applied to automatically m···

WD6000 High Voltage Different ···

The frequency can be changed to 50Hz, 47.5Hz\52.5Hz, 45Hz\55Hz, 60Hz, 57.5Hz\62.5Hz, 55Hz\65Hz. The digital notch techno···

WDLK-II Transformer Low Voltag···

WDLK-II transformer low-voltage short-circuit impedance test is an instrument for low-voltage short-circuit impedance me···

WDBR-IV Accuracy 0.2 Transform···

This instrument is a multi-function measuring instrument, which is equivalent to the usual two kinds of test instruments···

WDBR-IV Accuracy 0.1 Transform···

This equipment is equivalent to two kinds of equipment: active transformer capacity tester + transformer loss parameter ···

WDBR-II Transformer capacity t···

This tester is an instrument specially used for power distribution transformer capacity measurement, transformer no-load···