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WDLK-II Transformer Low Voltage Short Circuit Impedance Tester

WDLK-II transformer low-voltage short-circuit impedance test is an instrument for low-voltage short-circuit impedance measurement of transformers under field and laboratory conditions. The instrument is small in size and light in weight. The instrument adopts voltage and current synchronous AC sampling and digital signal processing technology, and the measurement data is accurate.

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1. Technical parameters

Measuring range Voltage: 20V~400V

Current: 0.5A~10A

Accuracy Voltage, current: 0.2 class

Impedance: Class 0.5

Power: Class 0.5 (cosφ≥0.2)

Dimensions: 350mm×270mm×170mm

Instrument weight 8kg

2. Conditions of use

Ambient temperature -10℃~50℃

Ambient humidity ≤85%RH

Working power AC220V±10%

Power frequency 50±1Hz




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