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TAG8000 Wireless High Voltage ···

TAG8000 wireless high voltage phase detector consists of wireless receiver, detector, telescopic insulating rod, etc. Th···

LBQ-II leakage protector teste···

LBQ-II leakage protector tester is mainly used to test the leakage current, leakage non-operating current and leakage op···

WD-II Electro-optical spark ga···

WD-II E-Spark Gap Measuring Instrument The E-Spark Gap Measuring Instrument can be adjusted according to the potential l···

WDHM-7000 Insulator Ash Densit···

WDHM-7000 Insulator Ash Density Tester is a complete set of measuring devices. It includes precision electronic balance,···

WDYM-3200 Salt Density Tester

WDYM-3200 salt density detector is used for anti-pollution flashover detection of power system. It is a special measurin···