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WDBR-IV Accuracy 0.1 Transformer Capacity and No-Load Tester

The active transformer characteristic-capacity comprehensive tester is a high-precision instrument specially used for the measurement of transformer capacity and loss parameters. It comes with a high-efficiency rechargeable battery, can work without an external power supply, and can measure 100 times continuously after one charge; at the same time, the internal digital synthesis of three-phase standard sine wave signal (not a simple inverter AC output, ensures non-rated conditions The accuracy of the test data of the following test items), the power amplifier can provide a three-phase precision AC test source; when measuring the transformer capacity and the short-circuit loss of the transformer, no external three-phase test power supply and auxiliary equipment such as voltage regulator and current booster are required. , simplifies wiring and greatly improves work efficiency; the accuracy of capacity test results is 100%.

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This equipment is equivalent to two kinds of equipment: active transformer capacity tester + transformer loss parameter tester. It can accurately measure a series of power frequency parameters such as capacity, no-load current, no-load loss, short-circuit loss, impedance voltage and so on of various transformers. The instrument has the advantages of small size, light weight, high measurement accuracy, good stability, easy operation and easy learning, etc. It can completely replace the previous method of measuring transformer loss and capacity by using the multi-meter method. It is simple in wiring, convenient for testing and recording, and greatly improves the work efficiency. It uses a large-screen graphic liquid crystal as a display window, graphic menu operation and is equipped with text prompts, a display interface that integrates multiple parameters on one screen, friendly man-machine dialogue interface, easy and fast to use, and is the first choice for power users at all levels.

1. Input characteristics

Active part:

Voltage measurement range: 0~10V

Current measurement range: 0~10A

Passive part:

Voltage measurement range: 0~750V wide limit.

Current measurement range: 0~100A, all internal ranges are automatically switched.

2. Accuracy

Voltage and current: ±0.1% of range

Power: ±0.5% (CosΦ>0.1), ±1.0% (0.02<CosΦ<0.1)

3. Working temperature: -10℃~ +40℃

4. Charging power supply: AC 160V~260V

5. Insulation: (1) The insulation resistance of the voltage and current input terminals to the chassis is ≥100MΩ.

                      (2) The power frequency is 2KV (effective value) between the input end of the working power supply and the shell, and the experiment lasted for 1 minute.

6. Dimension: 32cm×24cm×13cm

7. Weight: 3Kg




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