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WDHL-X Bluetooth Smart Loop Re···

WDHL series intelligent loop resistance tester is refined with advanced high-power switching power supply technology and···

WDHL- 100 Loop Resistance Test···

The loop resistance tester adopts 100A constant current output and is equipped with an automatic test function, which ca···

WDHL-100B handheld Loop Resist···

This tester is an innovative product with a small size, hand-held operation, battery-powered operation, and easy portabi···

WDZL-100S Handheld Loop Resist···

Handheld, fully functional and easy to carry

WDHL-100S Handheld Loop Resist···

WDHL-100S hand-held loop resistance tester is an innovative product with small size, hand-held operation, battery-powere···

WDDL-1000A Portable High Curre···

WDDL-100A high current generator (referred to as current booster) adopts numerical control technology and has strong ant···

WDSL-10 Isolating switch conta···

The isolation switch is the most widely used high-voltage switchgear in the power system. WDSL-10 isolating switch conta···

WDZK-Ⅳ Vacuum Switch Vacuum Te···

WDZK-IV vacuum switch vacuum tester adopts a new type of excitation coil, and uses the magnetron discharge method to tes···