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WDBR-II Transformer capacity tester

This tester is an instrument specially used for power distribution transformer capacity measurement, transformer no-load and short-circuit loss measurement, and has a harmonic analysis function to facilitate the analysis of on-site power grid quality. The circuit design of the instrument is exquisite and the idea is unique. The instrument adopts advanced six-channel synchronous AC sampling and digital signal processing technology, which successfully solves the problems of low power factor measurement and simultaneous measurement and calculation of multi-channel signals under mains conditions. At the same time, necessary corrections (such as voltage correction, current correction, temperature correction, frequency correction) are introduced into the instrument measurement, so that it has superior performance, powerful functions, small size, light weight, simple and convenient operation, accurate and reliable data, and can be completely replaced The traditional instrument test method can display and record all the measurement data that the user cares about, and can be used as a high-precision AC indicating instrument on site. The instrument is powered by a large-capacity lithium battery to ensure the long-term use of the instrument, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing labor intensity.

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1. Basic measurement accuracy: voltage, current ± (reading × 0.2% + 2 digits)

                                                     Power (0.2≤cosφ≤1) ±(reading×1.0% +2 digits)

                                                     Capacity ± (reading × 10% + 2 digits)

2. Capacity measurement range: 30kVA~65000kVA

3. Voltage measurement range: AC 50V~850V

4. Current measurement range: AC 0.5A~100A

5. Working temperature: -10℃~40℃

6. Ambient humidity: 10%~85%

7. Storage temperature: -20℃~50℃

8. Dimensions: 320mm×270mm×145mm

9. Weight: 5kg (excluding test wire)




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