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WDYM-3200 Salt Density Tester

WDYM-3200 salt density detector is used for anti-pollution flashover detection of power system. It is a special measuring instrument for measuring the equivalent salt density (hereinafter referred to as "salt density") on the surface of insulators. It can also measure the conductivity and temperature of the solution. The whole machine is widely used in electric power, teaching, scientific research and other related industries due to its high measurement accuracy, large measurement range and convenient use.

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1 Measuring range:

Salt density: 0.0001mg/cm2~9.9999mg/cm2 (according to X-4.5 type insulator)

Measuring temperature: 0℃~100℃

Measuring conductivity: 0~200000μs/cm

2 Basic error:

Measuring salt density: resolution 0.0001 mg/cm2

Full scale accuracy: ±2%

Measuring temperature: resolution 0.1℃, accuracy ±0.5℃

Measuring conductivity: resolution 0.01μs/cm

3 Ambient temperature: 0℃~60℃.

4 Ambient humidity: <90%.

5 Dimension and weight

Overall Dimension: length 356mm*width 260mm*height 133mm.

Weight: about 2.5Kg.




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