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TAG8000 Wireless High Voltage Phaser

TAG8000 wireless high voltage phase detector consists of wireless receiver, detector, telescopic insulating rod, etc. The receiver adopts a 3.5-inch true color LCD screen, which displays nuclear phase results, phase, frequency, and vector diagram indications on the same screen. There are voice prompts such as "X signal is normal, Y signal is normal, in-phase, out-of-phase", which is clear and intuitive. The distance between the nuclear phase on the open ground can reach 160m, and it can fully intelligently conduct the nuclear phase for the voltage line of 10V ~ 550kV. The bare wires of 35kV and below can directly contact the nuclear phase, and the bare wires above 35kV use the non-contact nuclear phase. The nuclear phase is to gradually approach the detector to the wire under test, and the nuclear phase can be completed when the electric field signal is sensed, so that there is no need to directly contact the high-voltage wire, which is safer!

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This nuclear phase meter also has the functions of high-voltage electroscope, high-voltage phase meter, and high-voltage phase sequence meter, which can be used for power inspection, phase sequence test, and transformer group judgment.


High and low voltage wireless voice nuclear phase, frequency, phase, phase sequence, electrical inspection test

power supply

DC 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery, USB charging interface, continuous work for about 10 hours

transfer method

315MHz, 433MHz wireless transmission

nuclear phase distance

Up to about 160m

display mode

3.5 inch true color LCD display


Nuclear phase voltage level: AC 1V ~ 550kV

Phase: 0.0°360.0°

Frequency: 45Hz75Hz


0.1°; 0.1Hz

Accuracy(23℃±5℃below 80%RH)

Phase: ≤±10°

Frequency: ≤±2Hz

Differential characterization

In-phase: -30°30°; Out-of-phase: 90°150° and 210°270°

Voice function

In-phase, out-of-phase, X signal normal, Y signal normal and other voice functions

Insulation rod size

After stretching, it is about 3.2m long; after shrinking, it is about 0.6m long (optional 5m pole)

data storage

9999 groups

nuclear phase

Contact with nuclear phase: bare wires below 35kV, or wires with safety insulation sheath below 110kV directly contact the nuclear phase. (Operation with insulating rod)

Non-nucleating phase: bare wires above 35kV, or non-contact nucleating phase for lines above 110kV, gradually approaching the wire. (Operation with insulating rod)

Electric inspection instructions

The detector beeps "beep-beep-beep"


automatic gear shift

sample rate

2 times/sec


Detector: length, width and thickness 145mm×60mm×48mm

Receiver: length, width and thickness 250mm×100mm×40mm

Backlight Control

Press the up and down arrow keys to adjust the backlight brightness

Induction intensity control

According to the difference of the induced electric field strength, the detector can automatically control the magnification, which is convenient for phasing in densely arranged places.

data retention

In test mode, press the HOLD key to hold the data, and then press the HOLD key to cancel the hold

Exit function

Press ESC to exit the current function interface and return to the parent directory

Data access

After pressing ENTER to enter the data review mode, press the arrow keys to scroll through the stored data

No signal indication

Dynamically display "----" symbol when the receiver does not receive the transmitted signal

Automatic shut-down

After about 15 minutes of power on, the meter automatically shuts down to reduce battery consumption

Battery Voltage

When the battery voltage is lower than 3.2V:

Detector: The power indicator flashes slowly to remind charging;

Receiver: low battery voltage symbol display to remind charging

 Rated Current

Detector: 35mA max; Receiver: 300mA max


Detector: 205g (including battery)

Receiver: 395g (including battery)

Insulation rod: 1.2kg (3m rod), 1.45kg (5m rod)

Total mass: 7kg (including instrument box, equipped with 5m pole and box about 9.8kg)

Working temperature and humidity

-10℃40℃; below 80%Rh

Storage temperature and humidity

-10℃60℃; below 70%Rh


No strong electromagnetic field; no 433MHz, 315MHz co-channel interference

Insulation strength

Insulation rod: AC 110kV/rms (after the insulation rod is fully stretched, between the two ends)

Detector: 2000V/rms (between both ends of the case)

Receiver: 2000V/rms (between both ends of the case)


Anti-drip type II, IP63




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