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WDIIJ-6803 Three cup Automatic Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Tester

WDIIJ-6803 insulating oil dielectric strength tester oil cup is formed by one-time casting of special glass, which prevents the occurrence of interference such as oil leakage; the unique high-voltage end sampling design of the instrument allows the test value to directly enter the A/D converter, avoiding the need for The error caused by the analog circuit makes the measurement result more accurate; the instrument has functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit protection, etc., and has strong anti-interference ability and good electromagnetic compatibility.

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Technical indicators

1. Booster capacity 1.5 kVA

2. Step-up speed: 2.0 kV/s, 2.5 kV/s, 3.0 kV/s, 3.5 kV/s optional

3. Output voltage 0~80 kV

4. Power distortion rate <1%

5. Display mode Large-screen LCD display of Chinese characters

6. Electrode gap Standard 2.5 mm

7. Dimensions 730 mm×410 mm×390 mm

8. Instrument weight 38 kg (ODST-1203)

Conditions of use

     1. Ambient temperature 0~40℃

     2. Relative humidity ≤85%

     3. Working power AC 220V ± 10%

     4. Power frequency 50 ± 5 Hz

    5. Power consumption <200 W




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