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WD6100 insulating oil dielectric loss and resistivity tester

WD6100 insulating oil dielectric loss and resistivity tester is mainly used to measure dielectric loss factor and DC resistivity of insulating oil and other liquid insulating media. It integrates dielectric loss oil cup, temperature controller, temperature sensor, and dielectric loss test bridge. , AC test power supply, standard capacitors, high resistance meter, DC high voltage source and other main components. , The instrument uses advanced measurement and control technology to fully automatically complete the process of heating, temperature control, high-speed data sampling, calculation, display, printing and storage.

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Technical indicators

Measuring range: Capacitance 1pF~400pF

                             Relative permittivity 1.000~30.000

                             Dielectric loss factor 0.00001~unlimited

                             DC resistivity 2.5 MΩm~20 TΩm

Measurement accuracy: capacitance ± (1% reading + 0.5pF)

                                       Relative permittivity ±(1~3)% reading

                                       Dielectric loss factor ±(0.5% of reading ±0.00001)

                                       DC Resistivity ±3% of reading

Resolution: Capacitance 0.01pF

                  Relative permittivity 0.001

                  Dielectric loss factor 0.000001

Temperature measurement range: 0~150℃

Temperature measurement error: ±0.1℃

AC experiment voltage: 500~2500V continuously adjustable, frequency 50Hz

DC test voltage: 0~600V continuously adjustable

Power consumption: 100W

Dimensions: 420mm*380mm*385mm

Total weight: 21Kg

Conditions of use

     1. Ambient temperature 0~40℃

     2. Relative humidity ≤80%

     3. Working power AC85-240V

     4. Power frequency 50Hz/60Hz ±1%

    5. Power consumption <200 W




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