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WDJB-1200 Six-phase Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester

1.Flexible combination of voltage and current output

2.Operation mode

3.A new hi-fi linear power amplifier

4.High performance Main

5.Powerful software function

6.Independent DC power output

7.Complete interface

8.Perfect self-protection function

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Current channel numberStandard six phase
Voltage channel numberStandard six phase
AC current output range30A / phase or 180A (six phase parallel)
DC current output range10A DC /phase
AC voltage output range120V AC /phase
DC voltage output range160V DC / phase

AC current output

The virtual value of each phase output when six phase current output  030A    output precision   0.1 grade

The virtual value of each phase output when three phase current output  060A

The virtual value of six phase parallel current output                    0180A

The allowed virtual value when the phase current work long time        10A

The maximum output power of phase current                         450VA

The maximum output power when six phase parallel current output      1000VA

The allowed working time when six phase parallel current maximum output    10s

Frequency rangefundamental wave     01000Hz

Harmonic order                                                   020 

DC current output

Current output            0±10A / phase       output precision   0.2 grade

The maximum load volatage output                                 20V

AC voltage output

The virtual value of phase voltage output  0120V    output precision   0.1 grade

The virtual value of line voltage output                               0240V

The output power of phase voltage/ line voltage                      80VA / 100VA

Frequency rangefundamental wave                             01000Hz

Harmonic order                                                   020 

DC voltage output

The output amplitude of phase voltage  0±160V   output precision  0.2 grade

The output amplitude of line voltage                                0±320V

The output power of phase voltage/ line voltage                      70VA / 140VA

Input and output

8 channels input

Free contact                                             120mA24V

Electric potential contacts           “0”0  +6V “1”+11 V  +250 V

4 channels output                              DC220 V0.2 AAC220 V0.5 A

Time measurment range     0.1ms  9999s     

measurement accuracy 0.1ms




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