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WDJB-II Single-phase Relay Protection Tester ( single-chip microcomputer)

WDJB-II relay protection tester the AC and DC voltage and current sources inside the instrument adopt the latest power supply technology, which makes the instrument reach the domestic advanced level in circuit design, device selection, panel layout and internal structure design. The instrument has the advantages of complete functions, excellent selection of materials, clear test item data, and simple operation. It is the first choice for power relay protection departments

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1. Working conditions:

(1) Working power supply: AC220V+10% 50Hz

(2) Working environment: Temperature: -1040

                  Humidity: ≤85%

(3) Atmospheric pressure: 86106Kpa

2. Output power:

(1), AC voltage: 0 ~ 250V/3A

(2) AC current: 0100A/12V



(3) DC voltage: 0320V/3A

(4) DC current: 020A/25V

(5), fixed value output: DC24V DC48V DC110V DC220V

3. Performance indicators:

(1), current, voltmeter: 41/2 digits

(2) Digital millisecond meter: 099.9999s

4. Function:

(1) Measuring relay: It can measure the starting value, return value and return coefficient of current and voltage relays.

(2) Time relay: It can measure the start value, return value and its action time.

(3) Intermediate relay: It can measure the starting value, return value, holding value and action time of various intermediate relays with starting coil and holding coil.

(4) Reclosing relay: Capacitor charging test, charging time, reclosing time and intermediate component tests can be performed.

(5) Differential relay: DC excitation test, braking characteristic test and volt-ampere characteristic test can be carried out.

(6), various other uncommon relays.




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