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WDYM-3 three-phase electric energy meter field calibrator 0.1 level

The instrument uses a large-screen color liquid crystal as a display, a graphical operation interface and a liquid crystal display interface equipped with text prompt information and multi-parameter display, friendly man-machine dialogue interface, vector diagram display and wiring judgment provide a reliable way to check the correctness of the circuit. basis. Full-touch conductive silicone keyboard operation mode, easy to operate and easy to learn. The instrument has a built-in large-capacity memory that will not lose data when power off. It can save on-site calibration data, and can store up to 1,000 sets of on-site calibration results. It can provide background microcomputer management software, and upload the results to the computer to realize microcomputer management.

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1. Input characteristics

Voltage measurement range: 0~400V, 57.7V, 100V, 220V, 400V automatic switching range.

Current measurement range: 0~5A, the built-in transformer is divided into 5A (CT) files. The clamp transformer has six gears: 5A (small clamp), 25A (small clamp), 100A (medium clamp), 500A (medium clamp), 400A (large clamp), and 2000A (large clamp). (The medium clamp meter and the large clamp meter are optional)

Phase angle measurement range: 0~359.999°.

Frequency measurement range: 45~55Hz.

2. Accuracy

Measurement verification part:

Voltage: ±0.05% (±0.1%)

Current: ±0.05% (±0.1%) (clamp transformer ±0.5%)

Active power: ±0.05% (±0.1%) (clamp transformer ±0.5%)

Reactive power: ±0.3% (±0.5%) (clamp transformer ±1.0%)

Active energy: ±0.05% (±0.1%) (clamp transformer ±0.5%)

Reactive energy: ±0.3% (±0.5%) (clamp transformer ±1.0%)

Frequency: ±0.05% (±0.1%)

Phase: ±0.2°

3. Power quality

Fundamental wave voltage and current amplitude: Fundamental wave voltage allowable error≤0.5%F.S.; Fundamental wave current allowable error≤1%F.S.

Measurement error of phase difference between fundamental voltage and current: 0.5°

Harmonic voltage content rate measurement error: 0.1%

Harmonic current content rate measurement error: 0.2%

Three-phase voltage unbalance error: 0.2%

4. Working temperature

Working temperature: -10~ +40

5. Insulation

(1) The insulation resistance of the voltage and current input terminals to the chassis is 100MΩ.

(2) The power frequency is 1.5KV (effective value) between the input end of the working power supply and the casing, and the experiment lasted for 1 minute.

 6. Standard energy pulse constant

 Standard energy pulse constant: built-in transformer constant (FL) = 10000 r/kW·h,

Clamp Transformer Constant (FL):

 5A                     25A               100A            500A          400A           2000A

10000r/KW·h    2000 r/KW·h 500 r/KW·h 100 r/KW·h 125 r/KW·h 25 r/KW·h


7. Weight

Weight: 2Kg

8. Dimension: 32cm×24cm×13cm




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