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XP-1A SF6 Gas Qualitative Leak Detector

The high-tech central micro-processing unit of XP-1A SF6 gas leak detector is the core of this product, and its digital signal processing capability can better manage circuits and process detection signals. Due to the extensive use of integrated circuits, the number of components in the circuit has been reduced by 40%, greatly improving reliability and efficiency. The microprocessor monitors the probe and battery voltage at a speed of 4000 times per second, and the extremely small signal can also be captured, and it can work stably and reliably in any environment.

XP-1A SF6 Gas Leak Detector has added some convenient functions: the seven-level sensitivity increases the sensitivity by 64 times, and the three-color light-emitting diodes indicate the degree of leakage in a wide range in a progressive manner. It is also used to display the sensitivity level and battery level; the touch keyboard can perform all operations; the avant-garde slim shape design is greatly convenient for users to use and maintain; the indicator light is very convenient to be in the direct line of sight during use.

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Product Details


power supply

3V DC, two C size alkaline batteries

highest sensitivity

According to SAEJ1627 verification criteria: the guaranteed value for R12, R22 and R134a is 14 g/year

limit sensitivity

For SF6 and all halogen-based refrigerants <3 g/year

Operating temperature


Battery Life

About 30 hours of normal use

duty cycle

continuous, unlimited

Response time


reset time

1 second

Preheat time

about 2 seconds

Device weight

560 grams

Device size


Probe fixed length





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