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WDDL-601 Electricity (waveform) record analyzer

The power (waveform) recording analyzer is a transient signal recording instrument developed for power system applications. The instrument's internal software has preset test templates for generator debugging, so that users can easily complete the generator short-circuit characteristic test through the recorder. , No-load characteristic test, excitation system disturbance test, excitation system 10% step-over test, de-excitation constant measurement, self-calibration synchronization device calibration, unit load rejection record and other tests.

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The instrument has a powerful software system. The functions implemented by the software system mainly include data acquisition, data compression and storage, waveform analysis and statistics, graphics drawing tools, spectrum analysis tools, waveform combination operation tools, harmonic analysis, RMS calculation, and power calculation. , three-phase symmetry analysis, phasor diagram tools, etc.

The hardware system characteristics and technical parameters of the instrument are as follows:

1. 12 Low voltage / current analog amount acquisition, voltage input range-10V~10V, -200V~200V, -400V~400V, current input range-20mA~20mA, 1 analog amount-100mV~100mV input channel (100mv channel <10V)

2. Select the voltage channel input range, voltage or current signal type, and select it through the software

3. Signal acquisition error: -400V~400V  Error was <0.5V

-200V~200V  Error was <0.2V

-10V~10V  Error was <0.01V

-20mA20mA Error was <0.02mA

-Error of 100 m V to 100 m V <0.2mV  

4. 12 Switch quantity measurement channel of active node, switching quantity signal range DC12-220V

5. 3 Switch output channel, maximum opening capacity AC220V / 1A

6. The maximum sampling frequency of the instrument is 100KHz, and the range can be set is 50Hz-100KHz

7. Split chassis structure, the operation terminal makes it more convenient for users to control the test and analyze the data

The 8. 2 USB ports are used for data download or keyboard / mouse input

The 9. 12.1-inch large color screen display, the touch screen way to realize human-computer interaction

10. The instrument comes with 32G data storage space

11. Sampling channel input impedance

-10 V to 10 V voltage gear            Input an impedance of 820kΩ

-200 V-200 V voltage gear             Input an impedance of 820KΩ

-400 V-400 V voltage gear             Input an impedance of 820KΩ

-20mA~20mA current gear     Input an impedance of 50 Ω

-100 m V to 100 m V voltage gear    Input impedance, > 10M



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