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WDMF-1000 Series Handheld Optical Digital Relay Protection Tester

The handheld optical digital relay protection tester is upgrade version.On hardware interface, optical fiber network port is upgraded from 100M to 1000M / 100M, the number is increased from 2 pairs to 3 pairs, and added hard open and hard open interface; software function is added a special test module for switch, intelligent station network load, intelligent terminal and protection devices.It can be used either as a handheld relay protection tester or as a handheld message analyzer. It is one of the most abundant functional handheld equipment in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the current digital / intelligent substation.

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Fibre Ethernet port

3 ~100 / 1000Mbits / s, Adaptive, LC, Multimode, 1310nm;

Support for IEC61850-9-1 / 2 / L E, Goose, IEEE-1588, MMS;

Bring-in-pocket optical power measurement;

Send dispersion: <0.1s

Receiving time mark accuracy: <25ns

1588 Pair-time accuracy: <1s

Fiber string port

1 Pair of (2~10Mbits / s), LC, multimode, 850nm;

IEC60044-7 / 8, FT3; Mandor asynchronous serial port transmission;

Send dispersion: <0.1s

Receiving time mark accuracy: <25ns

synchronization interface

1 Pair of IRIG-B / PPS light, LC, multimode, 850nm


Hard into

2 Way, 10-250VDC or empty contacts, automatic recognition, no polarity

Hard out

2, fast open, AC and DC open capacity: 0.5A, 250

Quick opening time: <10s

Electric Ethernet port

One, RJ-45,10 / 100 / 1000Mbits / s, was self adaptive

ΜSB joggle

1, SB storage device


5.7 ', Capacitive screen, multi-touch

supply electricity



Rechargeable lithium battery, 11,000 m A h

Battery life:> 6 hours



Weight: <1Kg



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