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WDQT-203 gas relay calibration

Gas relay calibration is a special equipment for the flow speed and volume value of gas relay for power transformer. 

The detector adopts advanced microcontrol technology to calculate the flow speed by the instantaneous burst pulse pressure method of the transformer to detect the high precision pressure sensor and micropressure sensor.

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1. Flow speed detection: 0.5~1.6m/s, display resolution of 0.01m/s, precision of 1.0 level, the error of ≤ 0.04m/s;

2.Capacity detection: 0~400ml, display resolution of 0.1 ml, precision of 1.0 level, the error of ≤ 5%;

3. Seal detection: 0~150KPa, display resolution 0.1KPa, precision level 1.0, detection time 0~60min optional;

4. Test medium: 25 # transformer oil;

5. Execution standard: DL/T540-94[Gas Relay Inspection Specification] Gas relay flow rate, capacity and seal detection.




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