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Wogao electric test won the bid for the first e-business procurement project of State Grid jiangxi in 2018

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On July 31, 2018, after many fierce competitions, our company won the bid evaluation of the first e-commerce procurement of State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power Co., LTD., with a transaction amount of 3,505,747 yuan. In the bidding process, we won the affirmation of the bidding unit with good reputation, industry experience, strong technical strength, excellent scheme and reasonable price, and won the bid successfully.


After receiving the bidding information, the leaders of the company attached great importance to the project, carefully arranged the bidding work, clear division of labor and responsibility, and put forward specific requirements for bidding documents, technical quality and so on. The relevant staff of the Marketing Department of the company carefully studied the bidding documents, understood the bidding intention, developed a thorough work plan, prepared in advance and carefully organized the implementation. This month, there are many bidding products, time is tight, and the workload is heavy. The relevant personnel of the department face up to the difficulties, unite and work overtime, prepare bidding documents with high efficiency and high quality, and deliver them to the tenderee on time and with good quality. Finally, with the company's good reputation, industry experience, strong technical strength, excellent program, perfect quality schedule guarantee system, reasonable price won the bid, and successfully won the bid.